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CompressorBuild-into/-onto compressors! Here we directly supply a site, a carrier or a plant. The compressors are especially designed, developed and optimized for the job.

Most often we find that serial-equipment is not the ideal solution here. The conditions under which such compressors need to run are the toughest to realize. Your compressors need to breathe within even the smallest spaces, run in temperatures where others shut-off or harmonically integrate themselves within your machinery-design.

For tunneling we have developed a sled, onto which a compressor is mounted. The Compact total width of 1580 mm allows easy passing of all vehicle traffic. Due to the low total hight of 2330 mm the sleds fit underneath the tunnel-ventilation. The sled is welded out of metal-sheet and the bottom is designed as a double-pan with inward square steel-bars and an outward step protection. The build-on compressor is set directly onto the sled bottom.

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